Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Other stuff

Am back in the UK, and .. basically, its under a hard ride.

Jobs are few and far between ..people have little free resources, and its cold to boot.

I have been horse-racing, at a few tracks, and its plain how poor things have become.

Its often interesting, how good a reflection gambling spend, is, as a measure of a countries well-being ..

As I say, the UK, has some problems .. which, I think are structural, and wont be easily solved.

A friend of mine, has been looking for work, and its very scarce. In 4 months, any job he has applied for, have had 200+ applicants (people want to work), but, u need to be an outstanding candidate, to get an interview. Pub work, is a back-up, but, Pubs are closing everywhere.

http://www.closedpubs.co.uk/ ) shows 22k closed pubs .. the social fabric, is being changed.

Tricky ..

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