Thursday, 18 April 2013

Getting the Value

Decided to go to Cheltenham races for the day .. despite the rain and cold.

Its been miserable in England . and really windy. Played The Belfry golf course yesterday, and, the intense cold and gusts of wind, made the course almost unplayable for the good golfers, let alone hackers like me .. lost about 6 balls, which was about right.

Anyway, got to Cheltenham, and had a right result, getting in ...

Its normally £20 for a mid-week meeting, and the usual touts are hanging around. I wont use them, unless absolutely desperate .. preferring to pay the course, full price, than saving .. say £5.

Anyway, as I make my way to the kiosk, I can see a guy, looking for someone he can give a spare ticket to .. so, I help him out !!!

I get in ok .. and ask him, if he has any tips .. he says, no .. so, I tell him to back the fav in the 2000 guineas trial, at Newmarket .. Toronado - at 4.05, which is about 1.80 .. and, I know will win.

I v rarely tip horses, or anything, as I hate the grief when they lose (as, they can do) .. but, this was a special case.

It duly hacked up, and is a very serious horse/contender, for everything.

I enjoyed the racing at Cheltenham, but was v sorry to see champion jockey, Tony Mccoy, have quite a serious injury, from a fall. Hes a model professional, who I hold in the highest regard, and wonder how many more years, he will put his body, thru everything, a steeple-chase jockey, lives with.

It will be a sad day, when he retires, but, overall, hes been a lot luckier than most, with injuries.

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