Wednesday, 24 April 2013

More ramblings

Got up fairly early, to play some golf.

Noticed, (one of many Betfair RNS announcements), recently :

This one, is a directorate change :

Part of the announcement, says :
Commenting on his own appointment, Peter Jackson said: "Betfair is a unique brand at one of the most exciting stages in its history. I am looking forward to contributing to its continued development."

Excuse me, but, exciting stages in its history ?? .. which company, can be said to be exciting, when its going thru take-over issues, becos its management are percieved, to be doing the wrong things .. hence the take-over ? 

Challenging would have been a better adjective, but, I wish him well.

Finally got to the golf course, and .. maybe I am getting morbid with old age, but, faced this, near the 1st Tee  :

I am not sure I have ever seen a golf memorial .. on the course before, and didnt find anyone who knew the history .. but, it was thought provoking. 

I didnt play that great, but, wouldnt blame the above ..

Over the course of the season, I expect to eat a lot of fast-food, at various prices.

Price, varies enormously .. 

Top of the range, will be the £9.20 burger at Ascot .. no, its not worth it.

Value winner, so far, is the £1 hot-dog (2 sausages), offered at a reduced price, (down from £3.20), after race 6, on a 7 race card, in the silver ring, at Stratford racecourse.

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