Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Betting in the 'Land of the Free'

Internet gaming is still illegal, in most of the United States .. thou things are moving .. but, maybe, at a snails pace.

As the banks have been warned off, Bitcoins are getting some support, on a few on the marginal Poker websites.

I first heard of Bitcoins, from the manic Bryan Micon, in 2011, on .. a fairly manic, thou sometimes entertaining poker radio show. He was a long time advocate, and may have been a true visionary, as the resent buy/sell price of Bitcoins, has climbed steeply.

Bitcoins are basically virtual currency, u can buy for real cash, but .. when u have bought them, there is very little trace etc .. so, people think they are just for drugs etc .. but, some poker sites .. like now have cashing facilities.

Not for me .. but, it maybe, the future, for the next 2-3 yrs.

(( Link to Wall Street analyst, who provides a mechanism to value Bitcoins))

Sports betting in the US, is still v retarded.

I just saw a tweet, from 43BH - Butch Harmon, giving his picks, for the Masters Golf tournament.

He has picked :

Phil Mickleson .. at 10/1 .. 13/1 available on european betting exchanges
Dustin Johnson .. at 25/1 .. 37/1 available on european betting exchanges
Nick Watney .. at 50/1 .. 83/1 available on european betting exchanges

US bettors, basically, have no shot.

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