Friday, 4 January 2013

Poker in the downtime

As the test has ended early, and flights from CapeTown are totally rammed,I have 2 days of enforced downtime.

I can watch some of the Aus v Sri Lanka Test on Tv, but, it's an early morning game, so, am stuck for things to do, during the day.

I am really enjoying played Tournament Poker, but, the local casino in Cape Town is v limited, and only has 2-3 low limit cash games.

I suck at cash poker, but,get a really perverse thrill out of besting the local pros, who only have a few hours to get a handle on my play. This isn't easy for them,as I play a super aggressive game, with little modifications, from the way I play tournaments.

In 2 days, I have already got 3 lots of verbal abuse, and put 2 pros on tilt. They usually get the money, but, have had my share of hitting 5 outers, and they are not best pleased.

I took absolute joy, from beating a local pro, out of a monster pot, with a pair of 3's, when he had something like 14 cards to hit to beat me. He gave me the usual .. Rants .. And I compounded his tilt, by asking the dealer to cash me out.

It always amazes me, pros can calculate their odds, to 9 decimal places, but have zero life skills in making the games enjoyable for the fish to donate.I rub it in, whenever I can, by hitting, get verbal, and running. They don't like it.


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