Thursday, 10 January 2013

Cricket saturation - random thoughts

I have had a few people contact me, on why I seem to always make profits. My general reply, is, that's the general idea ..

People who are not making profits, generally, are doing the wrong things.

There is so much cricket, u have a vast array of markets to choose from, and specialise in a form of cricket, u understand. A lot of the markets, have a bias, which sometimes is incorrect. To recognise which .. Takes some experience, but, u will get there, if u look hard enough.

I spend a lot of time reading, away from cricket, and am presently enjoying Barry Greenstein's book - "How I made my first Million from Poker".

In it, he tells, how important it is, to keep your mind fresh. With so much cricket, it's sometimes hard to keep awake, let alone, find new lines. I agree with him, 100%, that u need to take regular vacations, away from the TV, to avoid getting stale, and think about things. Your brain is a very powerful tool, but, it's often busy, doing other stuff. By switching off, u might get a "a ha" moment ..

Sitting at an airport, I just had a "a ha" moment.

It arose, as I was thinking about the value of playing random cards, against premium ones.

That's the only clue.

In future, I will assign a value, "F", to limited over games, and some Tests. F will always be a whole number. The 1st person to correctly deduce, what F is, wins .....

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