Tuesday, 22 January 2013

2nd ODI - S.Africa v N.Zealand - Kimberley

You won't believe this.

Airport is 25 mins away, and I left 100 mins before flight was due to leave, and never even got close. Major accident on the highway, and everything gridlock, whilst the helicopter landed etc.

Re-booked, but, few flights to Kimberley, and will only get there, 90 mins after game has started .. Hope it's not a train .. Not the end of the world, as watched the Tennis, and had a few interests.

S.Africa definitely without De Villiers, and I hear Steyn also rested. Really want to be with N.Zealand, at decent odds. Hope S.Africa bat first..

Also lose Amla .. Quad strain .. Will miss last game, also.

SA win toss and bowl

NZ run line about 230

I have seen some highs scores here, especially in the inaugural IPL. It's a ground you can chase on.
Baking hot .. About 38c.

Ok, that's all folks ...pretty much, live anyway, as the Internet here is v weak, and keeps dropping.

This is my review of the game.

NZ scored a below par 278, which might have been more, but they lost wickets in the chase.

 I wouldn't blame them, as much as the local comms .. Which had a right dig, at Mcslogger in particular. I think this is wrong, cos, it's a ground, lots of big chases have been done at, and I never blame a side for being attacking. Particular mention should be made of Kane Williamson, who scored a v decent 145,

SA were absolutely cruising in the chase, but, when Smith was run-out, the inexperienced middle order was exposed, and they allowed the run rate required to creep higher. I think this was a really below par effort by SA .. Sure, some of the NZ fielding was v good .. But, it's such a big ground, 6 an over, with 8 wkts in hand, is v achievable

. SA were 167-1 .. and found a way to lose .. Not encouraging, for the new team.

Anyway,the end result, is SA have lost the last 4 ODI's, and the series to NZ.

The ranking system, had SA as top, but if they lose on Friday, they will slip a long way down .. Shows u how much, the table, values current form.

The final game of the series, in Potchefstrom on Friday, becomes a dead rubber.

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