Thursday, 10 January 2013

2nd Test - S.Africa v N.Zealand - Port Elizabeth

Philander out with an injury, and an interesting fact, that S.Africa haven't won a test here, since the turn of the century.

Does that matter ?

Sometimes yes, sometimes not. Maybe the pitch doesn't help the balance of a typical S.African side, and maybe they are playing opponents who are so inferior, it won't matter.

It's hard for N.Zealand. They are not so bad, but, omissions from their best possible team, hasn't helped, and S.Africa are by my reckoning, the best in the World, by about 5%,

It gets cold, in Port Elizabeth,but, little rain is forecast, and it's just a question of how much of a fight, N.Zealand put up.



S.Africa. 1.24

N.Zealand. 17.0

Draw. 7.4


Someone wins the toss.. Couldn't get ino the frigging ground, as ticket office off-line, and 100 paying public, treated pretty poorly. batting .. Fire in distance .


At drinks .. S.Africa 45-1


Lunch .. Cold and windy - but no real threat of rain. SA 99-1 off 27 overs.

The odd chance, but, SA in control, on a pitch which will probably get slower and lower, as game progresses.


Drinks in the afternoon session .. SA 152-3 .. NZ been a bit unlucky .. Pitch definately doesn't seem to suit SA .. Price a bit low, at 1.25, but couldn't get involved.

Tea - still cold .. SA 191-3 .. 54 overs, about right - thou, with some luck, they could easily be 5 down.


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