Monday, 28 January 2013

Cricket for Tv or Public ?

Readers of this Blog, should know a few things.

I hate the paying Public being treated like dirt .. In all manner of ways, but mainly non communication a the ground, and, being asked to pay, what can be considerable sums, for a game, that, at a whim, may be considerably shortened.

The ODI at Sydney, was abandoned, as the outfield was dangerously wet. To the naked eye, it didn't appear that much rain had fallen, but, maybe in part, that is the problem.

The T20 at Melbourne today, was interrupted by a brief shower .. No rain has fallen in the area, for ages, yet, the few mils that may have fallen, caused a delay in play, for about 45 mins.

This seemed plainly stupid, but, once again, it's a on-field call.

It would help, if threre were rain collection gauges, which were visible on the big screen, which would show how much rain has fallen, and, over a period of time, we would begin to understand, which pitches could hold water, and which couldn't.

I understand rain in the lead up to the game, would be a factor, but, there's no reason why this info, couldn't be measured/passed on as well.

Cricket authorities seem to want to restrict what info the paying public get .. Duckworth-Lewis calculators are not available to the general public .. How stupid is that ? And often go out of their way, to tell people at the ground nothing, about delays.

This totally pisses me off.

One day, I will institute a Megarain ground communication award .. For the ground that does the best, to tell people what's going on.

Maybe the cricket authorities, can't afford the technology.

 Lets see if KFC or some other sponsor, could step up.

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