Friday, 18 January 2013

Banks and Spread Thieves

If there is one thing, that might put me on Tilt, it's the huge fees, either seen or unseen, Banks and Spread betting companies, weedle into their numbers.

Spread firms, quoting on cricket, will often quote with a 15 or even 20 run margin, which is just pure theft, and if the FSA wasn't so toothless,would do something about it.

I have just discovered, the Barclays International Trader stock service, which allows u to buy securities on US exchanges, quote in $, but, requote in £, and charge a hidden 1.5% commission, when u buy .. And may even charge u again when u sell .. Didn't ask, just said I would be closing my account, when I heard of the first hidden charge.

It's all very well for the Barclays MD to want to Install a new culture .. Try putting it into practice. Basically, they want your money for nothing, charge for each trade, and rip u off, for exchange.

They will not get my business.


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