Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Do Profits matter ?

This Blog is visable for a number of reasons :

1.It keeps me focused .. like a 'dog' at racing, I often need blinkers, to keep me concentrating

2.I want to keep a record

3. Maybe, passive income, will somehow, be generated.

As readers of the Blog will have noticed, I play a fair amount of Poker (usually badly), but read a huge amount on what top poker players, are doing.

A Poker player, only earns .. when he plays. In the same way, a trader only largely wins, when he trades.

Side income, on both fields, is a plus.

Over the last 5 weeks or so of the Blog, I have had a very decent run. I havent given a figure, as, I am not
sure its relevent.

I might, if convinced its worth it  .. but, am not sure, current readers need that info.

The pic is of my Cat .. who often has bets for me .. some win, some dont.

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