Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Fiscal Cliff Bill

So, it looks like the Bill will get thru .. before markets re-open, and for those who played their poker hands strongly, and held-out, u probably gonna make 300 points or so, from the market low of about 12800, pre cliff, to about 13100+, when the markets re-open.

The actual Bill is 157 pages long .. plenty of room, for sneaky things to be stuck in, but, cant immediatley see anything about Poker.

There is stuff about Tax credits for 2/3 wheel electric vehicles, Puerto Rico Rum, Diesel fuel and special rules for motorsport enterainment .. so, some lobbyists were obviously at work.

Hoping Poker / Internet Gaming legislation, gets a chance this year .. I thing its better than evens money, something gets done.


A few hours later, and there is much twitter talk, the House of Representatives wont pass the Bill, and will either reject it, or send it back, with some amendments.

Not sure when the spread betting firms, re-open for business .. but, I think trading will be v volatile. Such a shame, they have such wide bid / ask spreads, during market down-time.

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