Sunday, 6 January 2013

More Poker

Flights are still rammed, and u need to give away your first born, to go on standby, let alone actually get on a flight.

Gave up the unequal struggle, and spent 14 hrs in the local casino, playing cash poker.

I expected to lose .. Probably £20 an hr, and things didn't look good, when I suffered a monster bad beat early, and was soon down £100, but, didn't quite go on tilt, and hooked up with an exceptionally well-balanced local pro, who at 24, has a great future.

I think I may have affected his game a bit, as he ended up losing £500 on the day, whilst I won £120, which I took as a major victory.

The rake in the place is 10%, up to a cap of £20, so, the casino gets plenty. 3 tables were going for most of the day, and I even bumped into the pro, I had a disagreement with, who appologised.

Over 14 hrs, u get good beats, and bad beats, thou, one local pro, who played v well, for 8 hrs, got bad beated 4 times in a row, and kept his cool, which I thought was a great effort.

I am now stuck back at the airport, for a flight in 8 hrs. I am on standby for a flight in 3 hrs time, but.not hopeful. All the restaurants are rammed, but it's cool enough, so, will probably spend the day, watching ckt on the laptop,and reading.

Have a small position against India, but, just for something to look at, every now and then.


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