Monday, 21 October 2013

Week-end Poker

Am playing more and more, in the lead-up to the WPT - World Poker Tour events, coming here from Nov 4-11.

As have only played at the Emperors Casino, a long time ago, decided to play the Saturday comp, which, is a 2 hr re-buy, shuv fest, followed by some serious poker.

The 1st 2 hrs, u should read a a book, as the blinds are low, and u can top-up, with 12k chips, for the same money as the initial buy-in, for which u get 6k chips.

Anyway .. after 3 hrs, there are 40 left, with a $10k prize pool.

The format has antes, which I like, as it encourages aggressive play, and was doing ok, - chip leader on my table, when I picked up

J♥ Q♥ in the big blind. I had 55k chips, blinds 200/400, 200 ante.

I raised 2 limpers, to 2200, and got one caller.

The flop came : 5♥, 5♦, J♠ and I checked.

He checked, and the turn came Q♠.

I put the a bet - about 3600 to see whats happening, and he flats. Now, he either has A,J, which I crush, maybe A,Q, or a random 5.

The River, was a 2♠, total blank, so, figure I'm prob ahead, and want to get paid off, by 2nd best hands, bet 6500. He calls, and shows A♠, 5♣ .. so, lose about 15k chips, and went steadily downhill from there.

The place was unbelievably noisy .. the Poker 'Room', is bang in the middle, of a v large casino, with an Elvis tribute band, singing literally 20 yards away :

Headphones, are a must, for next time.

Anyway, finally went out, in 30th place or so .. and would play again . its pretty much the same mix of regs, but, a few new faces, and .. with the structure, I like my chances.

On Sunday, I played in the $150, normal comp .. 40 players, and its amazing how hands repeat.

With an average stack .. I pick up : 5♠, 5♦, and raise, from mid-position, called, by a tight/weak, lady, in the Big Blind. We both had similar stacks.

The flop is : 5♣, 5♥, 4♣ .. and its hard not to shout out .. YAHTZEE !!

Its only the 2nd time, I have flopped quads, in about  6 mths, and manage to get all the money-in, by check calling her small bets, and letting her make a flush, which I .. naturally crush.

A while later, I had pocket Q♣,Q♠, downed, in a 3 way all-in pre-flop, by Pocket 8♦,8♠, and Pocket 10♦,10♣ .. but, still managed to survive.

I get to the final table .. with about 6 regs, and 3 unknowns. I play a very loose aggressive game, at this stage, and show bluffs, and everyone knows, I can have, almost anything.

Down to 5 players .. 5th gets $300, but 1st gets $3000, I am in 2nd place, when get pocket Aces under the gun !!

Blinds at the time, were 3000/6000 .. I have a 75k stack, and raise to 18k.

This is the normal raise, and its one, I put-in with, suited connectors/total air, or strong starting hands.

Its folded to the Big Button, the chip leader, who has 95k chips, and he calls.

The flop comes, 5♣, J♠, Q♦, and I bet 30k .. too much really .. looking back, I would have preferred 20k, and the chip leader, calls, all-in.

The 30k I have in, commits me, and I call, and he flops over, pocket 5♦, 5♥ .. and I find no miracles, to down his set.

I feel, a little unlucky, but, could have go away, if my bet on the flop, was less .. so, its a mistake.

Anyway, am playing well ..

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