Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Test Match - Bangladesh v New Zealand - Chittagong

10 tests played here, of which 2 were draws.

I don't think NZ have ever lost to Bangladesh here, and pre-game, a lot of focus is on the rain,which may or may not come, pre-game/Day1, and towards the end of the Test.

Pitch looks fairly dry :

Bang 7.0

NZ 2.9

Draw 2.00 or so ... been all over the place.

NZ win the toss and bat :

They were going well, at 172-1, but finished the day on 280-5. Given the middle order, can be v soft, this isn't, yet, a winning score.

No rain yet ..

At COP  (Close of Play)

Bang 15

NZ  2.4

Draw 1.92

I have a biggish book against the draw, as, NZ have a decent bowling attack, and dont really respect many Bang batters.


Day 2 .. NZ currently 404-9, half way into the day .. recovering from 340-9.

Draw spiked higher, and .. asleep .. did some good trading ..

Currently :

Bang 15

NZ 2.46

Draw 1.88

Still have book against draw, but, at v good avg.


NZ last wicket partnership went on forever, and they finished on 469 -- which can be pretty demoralising for the fielding side.

Bangladesh were 8-2 at one stage, but recovered to 103-2 at the close, and the draw has predictably nose-dived.

Storms are still forecast for the last 2 days -- coming from the Sea, and if Bang score another 200 tomorrow, a draw does look v likely.

At the close :

Bang 25

NZ 2.76

Draw 1.69

Could well see, the draw shorten further.

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