Thursday, 31 October 2013

The pain of a poker player

Ok, so, it's a heading full of fore boding .. But, there are some highlights.

This week, the satellites for the WPT poker events are running, for the main events next week.

I am thinking about entering the main event .. But, it's $3500 to enter, and, really, it's too much. Satellites, are $100 to enter, and I tried my hand for the 1st time on Monday nite .. But, generally played poorly, and finally went out, beaten by flush over flush, which came on the river.

My Tuesday started, with a game of golf at Observatory .. A really tough course, which u have to play well, to have even a decent score. I was playing ok .. But, no consistency, when, I came to the 4 th hole. It's a par 3, uphill into the wind, (and creek, just before the green) and, as the course was being prepared for a Tourny later that day, the tee was right at the back .. Making it 178 yards.

I topped, my drive !! .. And hit it 16 yards, just past the ladies tee. Not good, but, took my 5 iron, and absolutely nailed a career best .. 4 foot past the hole !! .. Missed the putt .. Then, 2 holes later, is a v demanding, genuine par 5, which requires a straight drive, or you put your ball in the road, a solid second, and - 3rd 130 over water into the green.

I hit 2 good opening shots, and nailed an 8 iron, which looked phenomenal in the air, to 6 feet, for the 3rd .. Again missed the putt .. But, really enjoyed those 2 shots.

Still took 51 for the 9 holes .. But, some progress.

Back to the poker ..

Tuesday, I tried again, and there were 81 entrants .. So, there were 2 places in the main event up for grabs, plus a smaller cash prize for 3rd.

Nothing really fancy happened early on, but managed to get a workable stack, with some solid cards. After an hour, re-buys stopped, and some loose plays from the fish .. And some really poor play in places, got me to the final table .. 10 players, with 20 Big Blinds .. 40k chips .. Chip leader has 140k .. But, almost 1st hand, I get

A ♠ K ♠, and all in with a short stack, and a medium stack, I get a flush on the turn, and have a v nice stack.

An ex-jockey, I know, is on my left, and gets crippled, when his A Q, gets run down, by A J , when the other guy, hits a J on the river, for a really cruel blow.

He is left with 1k chip, but, amazingly, doubles up, 5 times In a row .. It shows it can be done.

There are 2 really loose players at the table, 2 absolute nits .. So, I try and pick my spots, when, a loose foreigner .. Raises again from early position.

He has 90 k stack, and I look at A♣ J ♣ , from the big blind. The blinds were 5000/10000, and his raise of 24k, is what he has raised previously, with middle pairs.

He has folded middle pairs .. In the past .. To shoves .. So, I have a dilemma.

Do I shove, and try and chip up .. Or call, see a flop etc .. Or just fold, and wait to pick on another smaller stack ?

I am going for the seat .. And think, a double up, would make me 90% for a seat, so .. Decide to shove.

He calls, with K J offsuit .. Which is just horrible .. I am 75 % fav, but, he hits a straight on the flop, and am crippled - both chip wise, and mentally.

I went out, shortly after .. And it's crushing .. To be so close .. And get beat, when such a good fav .. But, that's poker ..

Will try again, on Thursday .. but, feel this was my shot. Won't pay the $3500 to enter, but, will play the $200 smaller event. The $6500 event satellites, have had no interest, so, expect the High Roller event will have a v small field. U can see how top pros, can pick up bracelets, when, there are only 100 or so players .. If u enter enough, eventually, by sheer chance, u almost have to win.

When u  play a lot of tourneys, u see, a lot of the time, u are folding, just crap .. And waiting for good pairs/sited connectors, in late position, with which u either try and see a cheapest flop, or try and jam.

U don't especially need fancy bluffs .. They tend to matter more, on the final table - it's just about, what cards u get, in what position, and if anyone has a hand against u.

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