Thursday, 3 October 2013

Swing in Progress ..

After the 2 disastrous rounds, shooting 114 and 116, I have made some radical changes.

Those games, made me depressed, and it was affecting my work life, so, had to do something.

I now have a longer back swing/follow-thru for my drives, coupled with a wider address. My irons, have a much narrower address, and less follow thru, but, it feels more controllable.

Am playing today and tomorrow, so, will post the results.

The poker has been going great. I came 5th in the Sunday $300 competition, and won the $100 last night.

This must be the 7 th or 8th time I have won in the last 3 mths, and people are starting to steer clear of me, (not raising my blinds), which, means I can steal even more !!

Its fun, when u get a decent stack, and can play with the table. I am developing some table talk .. there are 2 world-class talkers to learn from, in the usual games, and its a big help to your game.

Of the people I am now regularly final-tabling with, 4 have had scores of over $30k-$75k, and am looking forward to some WSOP events in November.

I have found a nice app, for calculating chip-chops at the end of tournaments .. Its called Poker Cruncher ICM, from the same stable as Poker Cruncher - an odds calculator, and its well worth the £2 or so.

I still dont do deals, until the last 3-4 people, but, it lets u realise, what your stack is worth, in relation to the final pay-outs.

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