Sunday, 27 October 2013

Pokers Ups and Downs

Presently writing this, whilst plating the early stages of  $55 of an online, Multi-Table-Tournament (MTT), with currently 3500 entries. Sitting in 325th place .. but, theres a long way to go.

Early stages can be v slow .. u only should be playing premium hands, medium suited connectors in late position .. so have some time to write.

In the lead-up to the WSOP satellite next week, have been playing a fair amount, and have, by and large, been crushed, by some v odd calls.

An example :

$40 re-buy tourney, 3 hrs in :

Have 45000 chips .. about 37 Big Blinds.

Its 600/1200 blinds, with 200 antes .. so, 4400 in the pot, and find A♦, J♠ in the big blind.

I re-raise, 5000, and, just the small blind calls .. a good player, who ..has a 21k stack. Now, calling .. is a bit odd .. I would have expected a shove .. so, am on my guard.

Flop comes : A♥, Q♣, 3♦

I think I'm ahead, but, he can have AQ, but, more likely, put him on pocket 10's, J's etc.

I check .. as, am not sure what I would do, if he raises, and turn is 5♦.

Basically, its a blank, and, wanting a small pot, I check, and he also checks.

River is another blank .. 6♠ .. making the board, A♥, Q♣, 3♦, 5♦, 6♠   he checks, I bet 6k, into the 14400 pot, and he shoves all-in.

I was really surprised by this, and .. figuring to beat a pocket pair .. call .. and he flips :

2♦, 4♥   for a straight.

Now, of all the cards, he could turn, that's just about the most unreal .. thou, I suppose, if u go back thru the hand .. pre-flop .. 2, 4 is 33% against A,J .. ok, hes dead against a pocket pair .. but, maybe he had odds to call, and the check on the flop, allowed him to get there.

I am not sure, I played it that badly .. ok, a c-bet, of 6k or so, would have killed it .. but, am not sure I would have called a shove, at that stage .. anyway .. a severe dent to my stack - and has me talking to myself, for quite a while.

A bit later on, I have 35k in chips, when, in late position, I pick up Q♠, 9♠, and raise.

Blinds are 800/1600 with 200 antes, so, raise 4k. Its called, by 2 players, and comes :

9♦, J♠, 4♠

Now, I have flush re-draw, and a pair of 9's. Just about the world. I c-bet, a bloated pot, 7k, and both guys ship, .. so its a monster pot.

One flips A♦, K♦, another shows A♠, 4♣ ?? .. anyway, I am ahead, but, turn comes A♦, and didn't find a spade on the river.

These are the pots, I play aggressively, to accumulate chips, but, am not winning right now.

The absolute doozy, of the weekend, was this gem :

$300 to enter, and I have an absolute loony to my left .. which is fine, who plays any 2.

There are only 34 players, starting stack, 10k chips, in the early stages .. I am trying to only play quality stuff, as there are a few decent faces at the table, when I pick up, 10♦, 8♦, in the big blind. 

I raise, small .. blinds are just 50/100, .. we have 100 BB, to 350.

The loony calls, and the flop, is 9♦, 7♦, 4♣.

So, have the world again .. straight flush draws. I bet 600, into a pot of 1050, and just the loony calls.

The turn, is 5♠, and I bet 1400, into 2250, and he ships !!  I have to call, and he turns : 7♠, 2♣

So, he has a pair of 7's .. I mean, come on !! 

I have the following cards to hit, to beat him : Any 10, any 8, any J, any 6, and any club. Thats .. count them, 3 x 10's, 3 x 8's, 3 x J's, 3 x 6's, and 6 clubs .. 18 cards  .. let alone, how the fuck he knows, I cant beat, a pair of fucking 7's ..

Anyway, I miss, and its not right.

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