Wednesday, 9 October 2013

On-line streams

Am currently watching 2 streams :   which is showing Day 3 of the EPT Poker tour in London. I watched a lot of it yesterday, as I had 5% of a player ..

There were 800 entrants, who paid the £5500 to enter, making 87th place getting £9k, and 1st, a cool £500k.

Sadly, my horse went out, in 175th or so, but, it was interesting.

The quality of the stream, is phenomenally good .. I suppose its great advertising for Poker Stars, but, even so, it shows what can be done.

The 2nd stream, is of the Bangladesh v New Zealand test match, on

This stream, is 5 minutes behind live .. cricinfo, has ball-by-ball, miles in front, and the stream is almost useless, apart from showing pitch/weather condiitons.

Now, there are differences .. one stream is 100% legal, the other, might not be .. but, it shows how the interent has advanced, and how fast streams can be sent, at high quality, if the desire is there.

I have a book on the test match, which I will try and update .. busy times ..

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