Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Energy bars

Am chomping a rum'n;raisen energy bar, which I found hidden below some other creature comforts, and its not as bad as u would think.

So far, I am struggling to fully open the ruddy thing .. as its held together, like its been encased in super-glue, but am hopeful.

My  energy levels, are as low as a marooned Starship Enterprise, after having a long weekend, and playing Poker last nite, till 2.30 am.

Getting up, 3 hrs later, for ckt, is not easy.

The poker last  nite was fun .. actually saw some cards, and had a long chat, to a succesful poker-pro from Cape Town. When u discuss hands with experts, u realise, just how badly u play some spots, but, am willing to learn.

The whole week looks jammed .. with multiple double/triple headers of ckt .. and its look like a long few weeks in progress.

Luckily, has gotten hot .. so, the pool which costs me an avg £60 a swim, to maintain, may actuatlly get some use.

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