Thursday, 17 October 2013

Pakistan in Dubai - Odds for Test 2

The 1st test is coming to a close, and, even a S.African supporter, would admit, they have been totally out-played.

We have always known, Pakistan have an outstanding bowling attack, but, their batting, has been fragile, to say the least .. so, was wondering, whether the flat pitches, which can be slower .. a lot slower, give their batters, enough time, to improve their averages.

They haven't played many Tests, at the Dubai Cricket Stadium .. the next venue :

v England - 2 tests, and they scored :

99, 365, for a win, in the 3rd test  Feb 2012

338, 15, for a win by 10 wkts, in the 1st Test  Jan 2012

v Sri Lanka - 1 test, and they scored

403, 94, for a win by 9 wkts in the test, Oct 2011

v S.Africa - 1 test, and they scored

248, 343 for a draw.

So, it seems, Pak haven't lost a Test here, for over 4 yrs ..

I am thinking, given the trouncing they gave S.Africa is the 1st test, how they will bet, for the 2nd Test.

In the 1st test, it was , after the toss

Pak 7.4

SA 2.24

Draw 2.38


I imagine, they would be a great deal shorter, for Test 2 - maybe :

Pak 4.00

SA 3.00

Draw 2.5

98% book

Will be interesting ...

((forgot to add, Hashim Amla's wife may be havng 2nd child .. Hash, may go home))


Ok, so a day later, Pak won the 1st Test by 7 wkts, and the odds for Test 2 are out.

Currently, they are :

Pak 4.2

SA 2.32

Draw 2.98

Pak captain, has publicly said, he wants a result wkt - which may have had some influence ..

I wasnt far out .. and would be willing to back Pak, if they get much bigger.

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