Friday, 18 October 2013

Ladbrokes Exchange

In the last few days, Ladbrokes have started to announce the presence of the re-branding of the Betdaq exchange.

A twiiter account :  @Ladexchange has been created, and they appear to actively creating interest.

An advert, on youtube

A tab, on the beta website, for the exchange

Various social media commentators, have had their digs, about the 'about face' - from once upon a time, saying exchanges encourage corruption :

and its fair comment .. but, that was with different management, in a different era.

I for one, am glad to see competition, and see no reason, why .. if Ladbrokes try, Betfair hasn't gotten a real competitor.

Pricing/treatment of winners/liquidity etc, are all questions, to be asked down the road, but, at least now, its a road, that we can see.

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