Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Back to the Tables

Have been spending some time away, for many reasons, not least, summer is a good time to play golf.

I wont bore u with the trials and tribulations of my golf swing, but, one of the unchecked items on my 'bucket list' is to break 90, at a regular 72 handicap golf course, and realistically, I am a few years away.

There is hope, and I am working at it, but, its not in place yet ...

As a distraction to the golf, I am playing more poker, with mixed results.

My game has become less aggressive, which I don't really like, but, am valuing tournament life more, and waiting for later stages, before really, hitting the screws.

Still not seeing cards !! but, as ever, its not about the cards .. well it is sometimes ..

Regular Monday tourney, $80 freeze-out, has become less popular, and last nights event had maybe 35 runners.

Normal mix of regs and fish, thou, the fish are becoming better, and younger, graduating from the on line

Starting stack is a very restricting 5000, blinds 25/50, levels increase every 40 mins.

This tends to run v fast, till the last 2 tables, even final table, which can take ages.

Key hand, on my 1st table.

Stack - 6400 .. just above average, 31 players left.

In late position, I get 6♠, 8♠.

I call a min raise, of 125, so, with 4 players, there is 600 in the post.

Board comes down :   5♣, 7♥, A♠

Initial opener, bets, 225, and 3 callers, so, am priced in, even thou, its more chips than I want to use on a draw.

Turn is a meaningless, J♠, and the pot is 1600.

Initial raiser bets again, something like, 450. I know he has top pair, and if I hit my draw it will be good, and when the middle 2 players, fold, feel, I have to call, as I know I will get his chips, if I hit one of my 8 outs.

The river is a pretty looking 4♥, he checks, I bet 1500 into a pot of 2500, and he calls/mucks.

So, a good start.

The table then breaks, and I get moved next to my new nemesis, a v decent Indian player, who Carry's cards like he has them up his sleeve, and wont be put down, top 2.

I am concentrating my moves, in late position, and again in a 4 way pot, call an chunky pre-flop raise, with

6 , 9 

Flop is, 6♠, 6♣, 10♦, which looks pretty good to me.

Its checked to me, and I bet, as people know, I am prone to do.

It eventually, gets all in, as he has the case 6♥, but his kicker is 5♥, and my 9 outkicks him, giving me 30k in chips, about 20% of those in play.

I get moved to the final table, and tangle almost immediately, with some of the smaller/weaker stakes.

Again in late position,  I get 4♣, 5♠.

Its cheap enough, so, I decide to raise. I get 3 callers.

Flop comes, a scary looking 10♠, 9♦, K♣

Everyone checks, I have uber-nothing, so, also check.

Turn comes, 4♠, and I decide to bet, and get one caller.

Obviously behind, probably tailed-off, the river, is 4♥, giving me trips, and clearly the best hand.

I bet 7000 chips, into a pot of 9000, and a pretty young women, who thinks I am bluffing, re-ships on me, for 15k more. I instanta call, show her the trips, the table gasps, and people really stay away from me, after that.

Top 4 places paid, and, at one stage, I had 45% of the chips in play, but, despite having 5 chances, to kill players off, the flips always went against me, and had to settle for an equal 1/3rd share, for about $400, at 2 a.m.

I would have played on, but had a golf game booked for 7am,  and I need my rest ...

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