Sunday, 29 September 2013

Champions League T20 - Lions v Otago Volts

I have a busy Sunday, and wont be able to cover this game in full.

Pre-toss, Otago 1.61, which looks about right, and, as an interest, have had a small bet.

Some drizzle around early, but CMM is 1.16 or so, Yes.

Otago win toss, and decide to field.

Otago 1.56 - Mckenzie not playing for Lions (stomach muscle)

The money still comes for Otago .. 1.50, pre-game .. taking small profit.

Run line for Lions, about 146

Here we go :

Lions 2-0 after 1, Volts 1.48

Lions 6-0 after 2, Volts 1.48

Lions 13-0 after 3, Volts 1.47

Lions 17-0 after 4, Volts 1.44

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