Monday, 9 September 2013

Players at the table

3rd time in a week, and almost tired of playing .. will definitely give the normal Monday nite tourny, a miss.

$200 Hold-em Tourny, which gets 40 high quality players.

Am getting to know all the players styles .. most are defensive, and its easy to see why they so dislike my aggressive style, as they want to see cheap flops, hit there hand, and get paid.

My interruptions, scupper this, and I am easily the most hated player at the table.

One or two, with WSOP experience, recognise etc, and adjust, but, most, just give me aggro, but, only call my raises, with top 5% premium hands.

Played fantastic early, and was able to get a playable stack, when my Pocket 9♦, 9♠, held up against Pocket 2♦, 2♣, and later, Pocket 7♥, 7♦, held against Pocket 6♠,6♣.

Down to 20 players, and there is a very enjoyable Israeli to my right, some v tight nits to my left, who I raise relentlessly, and a handicapped (Wheelchair) player, in seat 10 - called Jamie.

Jamie, is a good player, but a bit tight for my liking.

He is short of chips, as tight players, normally are, but wins a decent pot race against me, when his A♣,K♠, spikes an A♦, on the river, against my pocket Q♦,Q♠.

A female player to my left .. Loren, got involved in a very interesting hand, against the chip leader.

The Flop was A♦, 4♠, 7♣, with blinds 2000/4000.

The chip leader (Andre) .. a really good player, has 65k in chips. Loren has 22k.

Pre-flop, Andre bet, 11k, called by Loren. So, its a very decent pot .. 450,000 chips in play, and its checked by both players on the flop.

The turn is 8♠, and Andre bets, enough to put Loren all-in. He is gob-smacked, to see his A♠, 4♥, - two pair, totally outgunned by her Pocket 8♦, 8♣ - trips.

He loses the chip lead, and quite quickly, is eliminated.

He didn't do much wrong .. he knows she never plays 5,6 .. and quite reasonably, puts her on a good Ace, or a high pair .. it shows u, slow-play, can really bite.

Anyway, there are about 14 players left, and Jamie puts another bad beat on me, when he hits a flush on the river, against my flopped trips (all-in), on the flop.

We make the final table .. and its good money .. $3000 for 1st, down to $200 for 6th.

I get a fairly decent table draw .. most of the players are known, nits, but, to my right, is a guy called James, who I played golf with, the previous week, and hes the best player at the table, but, has no chips.

I have 60k, blinds are 3000/6000, so, I obviously attack the blinds, non-stop.

Everyone comments, about my play, but, I say v little - there is no point.

One of my 17k raises, gets called by a short-stack of 14k, with K♦, 8♠ ? .. but, he beats my A♣, 7♣, when he hits the 8♠.

This is the price of being so aggressive, and from having a 60k stack, almost guaranteed a top 3 finish, I end up, finally going out in 8th place .. with no money.

I dont really mind this .. I am playing for the top 3 places, and know, sometimes, I wont get there .. but, like my aggressive style .. thou, after 5 hrs work, it can be mentally draining, to go home with nothing.

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