Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Long Day

Decided to go and play the Regular Wednesday Nite Poker Tourny, despite being tired, and not in the best frame of mind.

More players than usual .. 50, and people queueing to get in, once people have lost 1 re-buy, during the 1st 40 min level.

This 1st level, was v active at my table, with Peter .. shoving his 8k starting stack in blind, on 2 occasions.

I was in the mood to gamble, and called (also Blind).

Each bullet is $100, but u are only allowed 1 re-buy, so, its not so expensive.

In the 1st shove fest, I had A ♣, 5♠, which held up, against his K♠, 7♦. Once I had doubled up, I wasn't looking for much more action, but, Peter re-bought, and, shoved, when I held J♠,10♠.

This is a hand, I can gamble with, and when another loose player, also shoved, I figured I didn't mind the odds.

Up against A,K off-suit, and 10♣,9♦, its a fair race, but, Peters A,K held up.

I re-bought, and the very next hand, I get A♦,A♠.

Given the dynamic of the table, I thought it would be easy to induce action .. and sure enough it was !!

Peter had K♦,K♥, and another player had Q,♦,Q♠.

My pocket Aces held up, and my stack was back to 23k, from 8k starting.

Over the last few weeks, I have regularly been winning races, with a guy called Neil, and when I picked up 7♠,9♠ under the gun, I elected to call his small raise, once Peter also called.

I announced, Check dark, to see a board of 7♦,9♦,Q♠.

That's not really a board, I would have checked, but, was stuck etc, and everyone checked.

The turn was 10♠, and I bet 1400, into a pot of 2600, and Neil shoved for 11k more.

He was almost certain to have a flush/straight draw, and even thou, it was a lot of chips, felt I had to call.

I did so, which was right, but, he hit one of his straight outs, to cripple me back to 10k or so.

From there, I lost several more races, and finally got knocked out, in about 35th place.

The play was extremely loose, and I was probably in a bad frame of mind, to concentrate .. but, in all the hands, I was a good fav .. which, is all u can really ask for.

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