Friday, 6 September 2013

Back to Back

After Mondays success, I had to try go for the double.

The Wednesday Tourny, is much tougher .. $150 to enter, 55 players, starting stacks 8000 chips, blinds 50-100, with 40 minute levels.

Nothing much happened early on, thou did get a good table draw, and was able to establish some table prescience, by re-raising a min-raise, which he put down. I had pocket Kings, so, suppose I wish he had called, but, Kings don't always hold up.

I got to about 14000 chips, when I get dealt :

A ♣ , 3 ♣  in late position.

It's checked to me, so, I raise 2.5x, and get one caller.

The board comes    2 ♦, 4 ♦, 3 ♠ ..

First to act, I check, and he bets 900, into a pot of 1300.

I decide to re-raise, 2600 more, and he ships, all-in.

It's about another 3400 to me, to win, 8200, and as I have the chips, and figure my outs are ..

Any Ace, Any 3, any 5, and back door flushes.

He has an over pair .. Pocket 9,s, and I get there on the turn .. 5 ♥, so it's all over.

My stack is now 21k, and it's all good.

The table breaks .. There are 34 players left, and I get some ridiculous bad-beats .. AK beaten by A,6, A 10, beaten by Jack 10, and then, the last hand before the break, there is a monster pot.

I have A♦, K♦ , under the gun, but know, the last hand before the break is normal very wild, so, just flat call.

Sure enough, 2 limpers, then, the big blind shoves, for 8k chips.

 In all, there is 28k in the pot, once I re-raise, and he turns over A♣, 7♠ , but hits his 7

I have a diamond re-draw, but miss, and go into the break, with about 15k chips ..a huge difference, from 43k or so, .. Total chips in play 450k.

I box on, and without seeing any real hands, pick up chips here and there.

The short stack to my left, goes all in for 3700 chips, I flat, and it's also flatted by the table chip leader.

I have J♦ 10♥ , and the board comes a lovely, J♠, J♣, 4♥,.

I check, and he checks.

The turn is the 9♥, which puts a flush draw out there,  and, some possible straights, so, I bet 10k, int the 10k pot, expecting to pick it up, right there.

He thinks for a good while, and calls.

The K♥ arrives on the river, completing the flush .. He checks, and shows the flush.

He was getting 2/1, about a 4/1 chance, but cripples me, down to 11k chips, but, say nothing, thou, the general feeling around me, was he shouldn't have been in the hand.

Anyway, I still recover, winning some decent blinds, and have about 22k chips, when the last 2 tables are formed.

I have Pocket Kings cracked by A 3, and have 14k left, when I shove all-in, with a bluff .. 9♠ Q♥, on a board of 5♣,6♦ J♠.

I am called by A♦ J♣, but hit a miracle straight, when the 7♥, comes on the turn, and a staggering 8♥, comes on the river. I didn't even see it straight away, but, am happy to win the 30k pot.

The night is v hard work, but, make the final table, with about 50k chips, and want to get into the money (top 6), at least.

The table is fairly good quality players, but, the best, are short stacked, and I nick blinds here and there.

I get to about 95k chips, when, I re-raise the big blind with 8♠ 10♥ offsuit, and he calls .. Having 25 k chips left.

The board comes 4♥,8♣,Q♦ .. He checks, and I check.

The turn is the 4♠, and I figure I am good, so bet 20 k, into a 26k pot.

He thinks, and then calls.

The river is the  7♥ ,and I check, wanting to see a cheap showdown, but, he bets 20k, leaving himself 12 k or so.

I think he's bluffing, but, he might have a Q and decide to lay it down .. Which I regret, thou, I don't know what he had.

Anyway, we got down to 6 players, and the money, then 5, then 4.

The pay jumps now, are quite decent .. $500 for 4th, $700 for 3rd, but, am the joint short-stack, with 9 big blinds, when I shove with KQ, and am called by pocket Jacks, and miss my draws.

So, I finished 4th .. Another late nite, but, still a win .. And am feeling pretty good about my game right now.

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