Sunday, 22 September 2013

Too much time on your hands ? - Get a kid

I love my kids, yet, as any parent will know, they can be v demanding ...

Number 1 son, has a history ...

This story, is 7 years old now :

Tap Tap Tap, clunk,clunk

For the first night in ages, I can get a decent nights sleep, and am happily
dreaming about a Lucky 15, with 2 legs up, when, I am disturbed from this
happy place, by this irritating sound :

Tap Tap Tap, .. clunk clunk

The dogs are not bothered, so, its obviously nothing major, but WTF is it ?

It goes on for 5 mins, and now, its Really irritiating me, so, I get up.

In the kitchen, I find my 6 yr old, with a can of Just Juice (passion fruit and Mango), with no ring-pull, trying to open it with a hammer.

A couple of immediate questions come to mind here ...

Whats wrong with Fucking Tap water ?? , let alone the 20 bottles of assorted other juices, no, he has to have this one.

Anyway, hero walks over, gets a medium sized bread knife, and in one
sharp thrust, pierce the can.

A soda fountain, immediately bursts forth, and I am covered in this sticky,
goey stuff. The nipper is clever enuf, to be out of range.

Thanks Dad, takes it from my hand, and wanders back to Bed.

I go shower ..

Kids ... , remind me again, why we have them.


So,  yrs on, and the Toys have got bigger ..

The latest/greatest game, is Grand Theft Auto 5 - which cost $150m to make, and is now, just, available for purchase.

The shops have the game, BUT,if u download it from the internet, it will have bits and pieces that u can play on the new Playstation platform .. (to eat up more bandwidth), so, Number 1 son, must have this one.

Cue credit card.

Game is 18GB big .. thats .. BIG, REALLY, REALLY, BIG .. and in a small country, where data costs a lot, and internet speeds are relatively slow, it has currently taken 26 hours, and is 93% thru.

My internet has been reduced to a trickle .. as, he obviously gets priority ..

We are here to serve ..

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