Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Zimbabwe v Pakistan - 2nd Test - Harare

This Blog is dedicated to the memory of Ray Joseph, 1939-2013  .. the_mgt, on the UBF.

I am starting to really like the Zimbabwe team, who, only have a few stars, and huge debt, so, the players don't tend to get paid, but, are playing for the thrill of playing a genuine world class side, in Pakistan.

Some might argue, only Ajmal in the Pakistan side, is truly world class .. But, each to their own.

The 1st Test, was held only a few days ago, at the same venue .. Harare Sports club .. The 2nd test was scheduled for Bulawayo, but, The Zimbabwe union reckon they could save $50k, by moving the game, so, it seemed sensible.

Some concern, the resulting pitch, may crack etc .. But, that's to be seen.

That would be especially worrying, should Zim have to bat last .. Given Ajmal took 11 wickets in the previous test ..

Anyway, Zim won the toss, and decided to bat. Taylor back as captain, after the birth of his first child.

Opening betting :

Zim 7.6
Pak 1.33
Draw 7

The draw is a huge price, as people think the pitch will become a minefield etc.

I expect Pakistan to win, and will bias my book towards them, but, wont be taking silly prices.

Day 1

At lunch, Zim 65-2.

Zim 7.2
Pak 1.47
Draw 5.2

I have some nice trades, and book is weighted against draw .. For now.

The draw has become popular, and, I just have to lay, 3.6 or so.

Heavily against the draw.

Tea, Zim 165-3

Zim 6.0
Pak 1.79
Draw 3.65

This is a decent price for Pakistan, but, they need wickets, as do my book.

Am backing Pak, laying draw, and going for a walk ..

That worked !!

Zim 234-8 at the close.

Zim 9
Pak 1.26
Draw 9

Have a very nice book, will post tomorrow, as had some bad news, and got distracted.

Zimbabwe batted on, really well, finally getting to 294.

I am pretty much flat, waiting for some more, silly prices.

Pakistan 46-1 after lunch, and they hit 1.40, after losing the 1st wicket.

The market, rightly, loves Pakistan, but, it also loves the draw.

I am taking stock, of both, at good levels, hoping to trade.

Zim 14

Pak 1.30

Draw 6.0

This is my current position on Betfair .. I have positions, elsewhere, which .. may be similar.

Pak 64-2 .

Before the wkt, I took a view .. To lay Pak at 1.30, and back the draw at 6.4.

On the wkt, I took back some 1.40 Pak, and draw is now 6.8, so, a profitable trade.

Fell asleep, and, didnt really miss much ..

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