Sunday, 15 September 2013

Royal Flush Draws

Weekly Sunday Poker Tourney, $200 to enter, normal 40 solid players, a lot of whom are preparing trips to Cape Town, to play in a $2000 tourney, next weekend (700-800 players expected).

I feel bang in form, after a good week at the cricket, so we shall see.

Got an interesting table draw .. on the table is Warren Zackey, 22nd, in the 2009 WSOP - $352k score, a gambler called Kenny, who plays craps, at the highest stakes, and 2 or 3 Lebanese guys, who can really play.

Starting stack is 8000 chips, blinds 50/100.

On my left, is Alon, a really decent tournament player, who has me down as a monster bluffer .. not entirely wrong, but, its an image I can use.

Nothing much happened for the 1st 2 levels, I played normal poker, but saw no real hands.

I got my 1st real chance, when, under the gun, I get 5 ♣, 5♠, put in a small raise, and its called in 2 places.

The flop is 8♣, 5♦, 9♠, which puts a straight out there, but, am not that worried.

I bet 1200 into a pot of 1000, and get the same 2 callers. The turn is a blank .. the Q♠, so, I bet again - 1600, into 4200, and just Kenny calls.

As such a high stakes player, he can be a bit loose, and was happy to see the 8♦, hit the river, giving me a full house, and, he pays off my 3000 river bet.

I now have 17k in chips, and some breathing space.

Almost immediately I get pockets Aces !! I never get pocket Aces !! but, there they are A♦,A♠, but, all-in against Peter (Lebanese-good), he cracks them, with A♣, J♦.

The board was 4♦, 8♠, J♥, turn 7♠, but the river was a very deflating J ♣, which puts me back to a starting stack.

Still, I start to see cards, and pocket Queens hold up, for a nice pot, when, a few hands later, I get A♣, Q♣,with the blinds 150/300.

I have been v active, and people think I am already stealing etc, when I raise to 800, under the gun.

Peter .. calls me, and a delightful flop, of K♣, 10♣, Q♦, arrives.

So, I have a pair, and a Royal flush draw. The Pot is 2400, so, I bet 1500, and he ships.

I insta call .. he has 6♣, 7♣, and if he wins this, I will walk home naked.

The Turn is a J♣ .. for my 1st Royal Flush .. no extra prizes .. but, its been a long time coming.

Doing nothing special, I accumulate more chips, when I knock Warren out, when he got short of chips, and I won a race.

There are now 25 players left, and I am already chip leader.

I now start to see cards, .. all nite, I got pockets Aces 3x, (lost 1, won 1, won blinds with another), pocket Kings 2x, (won blinds), and pocket Queens 3x, (knocked 2 people out, and won a lot of chips).

So, as u can see, I ran good, but, its been coming.

Once I get chips, I am v hard to beat, and start to boss everyone, even thou its a bit early.

When the final table is established, I have 110k chips .. of 365k in play, and have already said, no deals.

1st prize is $3000, 2nd $2000, and I am a lock .. u would think, for one of the other.

Blinds start to rise, 1500/3000, and the avg stack is 40k .. so, u can see, I am well clear of the field.

With a few more hands, I take chances, and finally knock out, Warrens son .. Leggan, when I play with J♦,10♠, in late position.

The board is K♠, 10♦, 9♥, and I bet .. which he calls. The turn is a blank .. 6♠, but, the river is a beautiful Q♦, and when I go-all-in, he decides to call, for his 45k tourney life, with 2 pair.

Some nites, its just meant, and soon we are down to 5.

I have 170k chips, and am having fun.. but, decide to do a deal, when they offer me $2300.

I could have held out for more, but, have had a very decent week .. and wasn't gonna haggle.

Life is good ..

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