Monday, 16 September 2013

The quest for the illusive 90

Having some spare time on my hands, I have made a determined bid, to break 90, at a regular golf course.

This, shouldn't be impossible, and I did think I had a chance, about a month ago, when  shot a 94, at a fairly tricky course - Dainfern, In Johannesburg.

The ball does travel further (at altitude), but, long courses, dont really suit me, so am focusing on medium to short courses, which have a lot of shots, +/- 120 in to the flag, after a 200 metre drive.

I save all my scorecards, on .. and, my best, over the last 2 yrs, is 92 .. so, 90 should be possible, but, am remodelling parts of my swing, and, it wont be easy.

Played Observatory today (a tight run-of-the-mill) course, and shot 48 for 9 .. thereabouts, but, not really putting a 90 in danger  .. 

Anyway, its an achievable goal, and one I would be delighted to tick off.

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