Monday, 26 August 2013

Ashes Review

Haven't much energy these days, for what seem to be boring/repetitive games, but, felt I missed a major opportunity in the 5th and final Test.

After 3 days, a draw was looking v likely, with rain forecast to fall all day, on the 4th day.

In the evening of the 3rd day, the draw was trading at 1.08/1.09, and thou it looked v likely, I didn't feel the rain would be as heavy as expected, and left up a speculative lay, of £50k, at 1.06 - liability £3k.

In the wee hours, the draw drifted to 1.10, so, I cancelled the trade, only to see the draw trading at 1.03, pre day 4, as the weather moved in.

Day 4 was a washout, and the draw traded £2m at 1.01, and England traded 660/1 .. Which, it was a mistake, not to get involved with.

Day 5, saw an early dec by Clarke, and England went as low at 1.5,before finally falling short, by 20 odd runs, due to bad light.

I won smalls on the test, but, have the feeling, one got away.

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