Sunday, 11 August 2013

4th Ashes Test - Durham - Day 4/5

Radar seems to indicate rain will likely fall, after 2pm, on the 4th day.

This might not be terminal, but, if England are still batting, will throw various spammers into the works.


Some jumpy market moves, already.

Draw down to 3.75, in the early horse, back to 5.0 at the start, and within 3 overs, back to sub 4.0.

Eng 248-5. Lead by 216 .. Rain probably in 2 hrs.

Eng 1.76

Aus 5.2

Draw 4.0


Bell goes to a grub-hunter, 251-6, lead by 219

New ball

Eng 1.77

Aus 3.45

Draw 6.6


And then, next ball, another.

Eng 1.77

Aus 2.86

Draw 12



Eng 306-8. .. Some v quick runs for England, mainly from Bresnan.

Eng 1.58

Aus 3.4

Draw 12 .. Which, is absolute madness


England 330 all out, lead by 299

Just before lunch, and no rain yet. Tomorrow looks reasonably clear, but draw, as ever, refuses to go away ...

Eng 1.59

Aus 3.1

Draw 17.5 ???


Aus 10-0 .. Eng lose a review .. One day, these will get priced in, properly.

Rain delay, but not for too long. Draw backers a bit unlucky, as some really heavy stuff, just slid by. Eng bowlers look a trifle unlucky, and Hill still getting a few wrong, but Aus so far, survive.

Aus 50-0

Eng 2.18

Aus 1.98

Draw 24


Aus 97-0


Eng 3.75

Aus 1.40

Draw 48

Aussie game to lose now .. Rain keeping away .. Tea in 20 mins, and light might start to go, but, Aussie doing it easy.


Aus 111-1


Eng 3.2

Aus 1.48

Draw 48


Aus 151-2


Eng 4.7

Aus 1.28

Draw 75


Aus 168-3 .. Good knock by Warner, maybe some life in this game.

Eng 3.4

Aus 1.43

Draw 60


I left to go play cards, as didn't want to ruin my book, and Aus v tamely folded, to lose, almost embarrassingly.

You could feel for the coach, who is a new guy, and deserved to get at least one win.

The side does look short of runs .. And Eng got the game, from no-where, with the highlight, being the superb bowling of Broad, who took 11 wkts in the game.

Sometimes, he's v average, but, when he's good, he's v good.

Anderson looks a bit tired .. After having a great season.

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