Friday, 9 August 2013

4th Ashes Test - Durham

Series score 2-0, following the rain draw at Manchester.









Some rain probable, during the 5 days at Durham, but, given the Aus need to play aggressively, I think u have to be against the draw.

Pre-toss ..

England 2.14

Aus 3.85

Draw 3.85

England win toss and bat

After a very slow session, Eng finish at Lunch on 57-1

Eng 2.07

Aus 5.1

Draw 3.0

I am with England, at avg 2.20 .. Okish book.


Tea - 155-4

Eng 2.14

Aus 3.75

Draw 3.75

Ball starting to spin, so, have gone against draw.


Cue wkt .. 5 down


Eng grind themselves into a corner ..

Eng 199-8


Eng 2.74

Aus 1.98

Draw 7.6


Average its inns score here, in 5 1st class games this yr, all about 250, so, this score isn't desperate, but, 104-1, to this, it ain't.

England lost their mo-jo, but, have to lay Aus, sub 2.0.


So, COP ..

Eng 238-9, which maybe isn't so bad.

Eng 2.56

Aus 2.15

Draw 6.8


Interesting days play, and u get the impression the Eng batters find it hard to play against bowling which is naggingly accurate, and give away their wkts.

Maybe the bowlers, will come to the rescue again.


Day 2

Anderson gets hit on the head, and succumbs to a straight one, a few balls later.

Eng 238 all out.

Eng 2.72

Aus 2.02

Draw 7.0


Run line, is about 300 .. Think they will get more, and a 100 run lead, may well be the match.


Warner goes early, 12-1.

Eng 2.34

Aus 2.18 (1.91, pre)

Draw 8.0


Some volatile trading, as Aus lose 2 then 3 wkts, but Rogers steadies the ship, and after tea, Aus are 203-4.

Just 35 behind, and thou bad light may be an issue, rain is staying away.

Eng 4.9

Aus 1.74

Draw 4.6


Day 3


An early wkt, for England, with Aus 7 behind, 3 wkts left.

Eng 2.78

Aus 2.1

Draw 5.9


The draw price, is being held in place, by the light/rain, which may come later, but right now, it's sunshine.


Aus all out, with the last review, really funny, as the players accept it's out, and walk off, to leave the umpire to raise his finger (he got it wrong, again), to no- one.

Eng 2.26

Aus 2.68

Draw 5.3


Draw refuses to go away, with showers maybe tmrrw.


After lunch, Eng 48-2, 16 ahead.


Eng 2.26

Aus 2.38

Draw 7.6


No rain yet, and sunshine now.

Tea - Eng 123-3 91 runs ahead.

Some dark clouds about, but, they keep missing !!

Game really moved on, after lunch, with some quick wkts, but Bell and Pietersen has moved the game, firmly to England.


Eng 2.06

Aus 2.94

Draw 5.7


Have had some nice trades, and am an Draw lay, at 2.1 avg.


An hour or so left in the day, if light permits. The weather has been v tricky, with pixels fading away, and rain falling, for literally seconds.

Eng 176-4


Eng 1.95

Aus. 2.92

Draw 6.8


The test seems to be heading England's way, with a lead of 144, and it looks like 225, would be challenging.


COP Eng 234-5. Lead by 202


Eng 1.76

Aus 4.2

Draw 5.0


Sme thoughts, there will be some rain tomorrow, and might lose 40 overs.

I had one bad trade, which set me back quite a bit, but, have ok book.

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