Saturday, 15 December 2012

Momentum One Day Cup Final - Reserve Day - Wanderers

Take 2, and the weather forecast from mid- day, looks decidedly dodgy. They start early at 10 am local, but, thik the rain will hit, as the 2nd team get to bat.

Lions bat 1st, and manage 234.

Levi and Puttick get Cobras off to a flying start, but. Tahir .. Remember him, gets 2 quickl wkts, before the wind gets up, it goes cold, and #megarain arrives, 11 overs in.

20 overs needed for a game .. Not sure, they will get them.


3.15 local ... Banging down. Need to get back by 5.45 for 20 over game.


Power tripped ... Again


Gloomy overhead.


Serious lakes on outfield, which will take 90 mins to clear, IMHO.

This will be close.


3.30 local.



Soppers out .. Will be a while .. Lots fell :


3.50 local .. Some progress .. Some rain in distance ..


4.00 local ... PA bashing out ear splitting music, but, as ever, they say fuck-all to the paying public. They are a fucking disgrace.


4.25 local .. Grd looks ok, but still v wet. Umps doing lots of pointing, which is not a good sign. Rain still on way .. Think this has problems ... #doomed

20 over target is 134 .. Will need 65 from 54, if they get back on.



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