Thursday, 13 December 2012

India v England - 4th Test - Day 2 - Nagpur

Traded the game, in my sleep, as left some backs of India at decent prices, and lays of the draw.

At lunch, am mainly with the draw, as thinking it will go a little lower.

Just a question, of at what price, the 'Bigger fool theory' will kick in.

Lunch position :

And after Lunch, Mr Draw dives, 296-7, Draw is 2.24 .. Have been laying from 2.6 down, a wkt would be nice.

And re-laid, when it got to the 2.2x handle .. And we got paid, with 2 quick wkts.

Draw now 2.76 ... Wait for it to go lower, before re-lay.

And Eng, all out, for 330.

New, inproved, Betdaq book .. I wont post other positions elsewhere .. too scared of taxman.

Eng strike quickly, just as I was hoping India would go lower. Have a roughly level green book, for now.

Just before Tea, India 22-1.

Ind 3.45
Eng 2.74
Draw 2.82

Cant find an angle, I like enough, to get involved with. Flat.

After Tea, India progress to 48-1 .. Draw now 2.34 .. approaching lay territory.

Got some lays in .. honest .. India lose a wkt, 59-2  .. gone all green on Daq

Draw diving again, back to sub 2.5 .. got some lays about to be matched.

India 64-3 .. catching this game good.

Draw headed sub 2.8, and got 1 lay in (of 6, I normally step-in).

India 71-4 ... Not sure where Draw backers go now .. 3.65

75-4 ..

India 5.5
Eng 2.0
Draw 3.1

Thats in the free-mkt ...

Close of Play (COP)

I would like to lay more Draw, at this level.

Had a good day .. have a very healthy Green to play with.

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