Wednesday, 5 December 2012

India v England -3rd Test - Kolkata - Day 2

England fairly quickly wrap up the tail, but it before Draw gets pushed to 4.2, so, some decent profits on last nights lay.

Had a very good session laying Eng, at 2.74, which, was IMHO, about as much of a Free lay, as there will ever be. There was v low downside to trade, as shown, by e lunch-time score of 22-0, and England blow to 3.05.

This is what cricket trading is all about .. Find sweet spots, where u have minimal downside, but some significant upside.

At lunch, the Eng runs expectancy, is 383-398, yet, there has been a significant layer, pricing up Eng to get 350 or more, at 1.80. One of the lines is wrong .. I respect the exchange layer, but, have had a small nibble, on Eng to get the runs.

At lunch, then, India 316, Eng 22-0

India 3.1
Eng 3.0
Draw 2.88

Fell Asleep - 

This can happen, when u have had a few mid-nite tests, and u are basically old/decrepit.

Had a great book, but, left some .. 'silly' lays on Eng at 2.04, to find Eng had amassed 216/1 at the close,
and my books position, took a serious hit.

Eng now trail by 100, and India, by all accounts, look v flat (as does the pitch).

Only 2 days gone .. If Eng get 150 ahead, they should probably win.

India  12.5
Eng    1.78
Draw  2.74

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