Wednesday, 12 December 2012

India v England - 4th Test - Day 1 - Nagpur

So, England win the toss (3.30 am Uk Time), and the mkt resigns itself, to make Eng 2.76 chances. That's fair enough, but am not gonna do much for now .. Primarily, cos I am sleeping.

Ok, now lunch time, and Eng 80-2.

India. 2.7

Eng 3.0

Draw 34

Pitch seems like hard work, and it may break-up, on days 4/5.

Can't really find an angle for now.

Trott goes, leaving a straight one, and its

India 2.4
Eng 3.2
Draw 3.6

Draw had edged towards fav, and was hoping to lay in the 2.5x ... never mind.

Bell goes for 1 --  Eng 119-4 .. was thinking about buying back Eng .. lucky I didnt.

India 1.94
Eng 3.8
Draw 4.6

Draw was the lay all day, missed it.

Tea - Eng 133-4 ..

Ind 2.0
Eng 3.45
Draw 4.5

Have bought back some Eng, as I dont like the Draw.

5 down,

India 1.62
Eng 4.4
Draw 6.2

Taken some profits, on Eng.

162-5 after 78 overs,

So, at stumps, Eng 199-5, and fought back pretty well, on a slow scoring day.

Was more involved in the T20, so, didn't focus a lot on this game, and decided to go green,
On my Betdaq position.

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