Friday, 7 December 2012

India v England -3rd Test - Day 3/4

Day 3 was predictably, dull, with Eng trying to pile on the runs, and India trying to get out of a massive hole.

At the end of the day, Eng lead by 200, and will,be looking for another 100 at least.

India 40

Eng 1.67

Draw 2.76

Fast forward, to the morning session of day 4, and Eng lose the last 4 wkts, for not many, and India quickly get 86 runs, to be 121 behind.

India 9.0

Eng 3.40

Draw 1.62

1st ball after lunch, Swann gets Sehwag, and am happy to take on the draw,at 1.9x.

In a crazy session after lunch, India go from 86-0, to 122-6, and thats just before Tea. Eng now 1.03 chances, and draw backers, got some v sorry books.

Had a very decent game.

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