Thursday, 13 December 2012

Betfair - Interim results to 31 Oct 2012

In my view, results are a little disappointing. Major decision, is to dump the piece of junk that was LMAX, selling their share, for £2.4m.

Losses from this venture, are anywhere between £25-£35 million - what were they thinking ?

Its clear Betfair need market penetration in overseas markets, and regularatory issues, make it hard.

Betfair has reserves, but recognises it needs to slim down, and become more market/customer focussed.

I am selling 2/3rd of my Betfair shares --  I dont see how they can move, in the next yr or so, without new markets opening up.


Overnight, have re-thought this, and dont like some USA contracts, being given to Sportech. Have sold ALL my Betfair shares.

Betfair share price, went as high as £7.70 or so, yesterday, but have fallen back today .. £7.48, pleased I got out.


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  2. Hiya,

    I have been taking some time off .. the Bangladesh T20, doesnt really interest me.

    The cricket blogs, should re-start, when a decent tourny takes hold.