Friday, 14 December 2012

Momentum One Day Cup Final - Lions v Cobras - Wanderers

A few clouds around the Wanderers, but, should get the majority of the game in.

Lions win the Toss and elect to field

Cobras fav .. 1.83

Cobras get off to a fair start, before losing Puttick and then Levi, and then the rain comes .. cobras 22-2

Cobras 24-3 after 9 overs, and its looking hard batting out there. Rain staying away, for now.

Cobras 64-4 after 16, and heavier stuff arrives .. So, off they go. They could be off for a while.

Some Megarain .. One of the biggest lightening claps ever. U can't beat a Highveld thunder storm ..

Public address said something, I couldn't hear.

Well, in an unusual twist, both the Cape Cobras and title sponsor, Momentum.s official twitter feed, say the game is off, restart tomorrow, but the scoreboard says that's bollox.

It's now stopped, and ground staff clearing up !

I fancy a 25 over game.

Raining again, fairly heavily, and distance looks mixed. Not good.

The power has tripped again, and soppers have cried enough. No one said anything, and I suspect that's it.

Fair play, soppers back for more.

Everyone back .. Removing black covers ...

Umpires chat on outfield .. And appear to say, remove covers.

And slight rain falls again .. I think they want to play, ...

No, all the covers go back ... Sigh.

Covers being removed again .. Definately intention to play, if they can.

Heard the usual from the PA .. As in nothing.

More covers off, cut-off for 20 over game, is in 130 mins .. As I said earlier, I fancy a 25 over game ... And it won't be easy to chase, on a deck like this.Ask Nasser Hussein.

Inspection in 15 mins .. Prob get a 25 over game ..

As the power fails, a little rain falls .. Frustrating ...

As the rain falls, most people have left.

But , I will stay ..

Coffee would be nice ...

Fresh movement in outfield .. 8.10 local .. 90 mins before cutoff.

Maybe ..

Or Maybe not, Finally called-off, at 8.45 local time, and we have to try again tomorrow, with a 10am, start time.

Weather forecast for tomorrow isnt that great .. which is, probably partly why they tried to get a game in today .. hope the rain plays ball.

Stiff on the Lions, who were bang on top .. and now, have to start a new game, with new toss, and maybe new players, from scratch.

Still raining in Jhb .. gonna be a fair amount of cleaning up to do, in the morning .. hope they get a break with the weather, or, it could be another long day.

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