Saturday, 15 December 2012

India v England - 4th Test - Day 4 - Nagpur

Overnight, Mr Draw has found some love, and prices now, are

India 3.65

Eng. 6.4

Draw. 1.73

Suspect draw will go a tad shorter, but, am happy to stagger a few small lays in, at this level.

Negative / Slow approach by India .. Not taking singles, have forced Mr Draw into 1.55.

Curious approach by India .. In the first 20 NZ, 5 overs, for 4 runs .. Can't fathom this.

Well, seriously taking about going back to bed.

307-8 .. 30 mins in .. 10 runs added.

India 4.2

Eng 9.2

Draw 1.51

And 5 mins later, Draw 1.45

I go back to bed ....

Turgid ckt, and didn't miss much. At Tea, Eng 81-2, lead by 85.

India 5.8

England 14

Draw 1.30

Draw want to 1.18 or so, but, they lose Pietersen, and suddenly, a game result is possible.

Eng 94-3,

India 4.0

Eng 13

Draw 1.45

This game has been a draw trap .. Am led to believe, there has been no non-rain affected draw all year - this will be the first .. Which makes it expensive for habitual draw backers - thou, there have been many ran affected ones, in a V wet yr.

114-3 ... draw 1.30

Some loud appeals, and umpires put under extreme pressure. Not easy, without DRS .. And we know whose to blame for that.

Run rate all game, has been deplorable, 1.96 per over, bores the crap out of everyone.

Eng finish on 161-3 ... I wasn't watching.

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