Tuesday, 8 December 2015

This n that .. Golf stuff mostly

So, all year I have been banging on about my golf game.

It was a definite goal, to shoot a 90, on a proper course, and although I had sorta done it, never really convincingly, and never, with such flair.

I am bang in form. This isn't really a factor, but, maybe it helps u mentally, when sizing what shot to make/play .. (On a side note, its amazing how often when u tip something on twitter, if it wins, u hear nothing, but, if it loses, the world comes down on u) .. social media I guess.

Anyway, on my local 72 par course, I was level par after 9 holes, making 5 pars, 2 bogeys, and 2 birdies. One of the birdies, was on the stroke 2 hole - seriously hard, needing a 200 yard drive, followed by a 200 yard 3 Wood. I knocked the 3 wood to 8 feet, and made the putt.

This was real golf .. and maybe I tensed up, as the back 9 wasn't so good, finishing with a 84. Questions were asked again, and the handicap committee were not impressed, cutting me immediately to a 19.

The local T20 tournament in South Africa, has been ultra high variance .. your basic traders dream, with favs changing fairly often during the course of the game. I have tipped v well, and my confidence is sky high.

The semi is tomorrow in Durban .. the local side, with KP back, playing the Cobras. They played each other last week, and the Dolphins won .. but Levi got out cheaply .. as he often seems to do, when I watch him. I like the Dolphins to win the semi, but, Titans to win the final on Saturday.

S.Africa played poorly in India, and am not sure they are heading down the right road .. I think England are decent value, for the up-coming test series .. especially if Steyn isnt fit.

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