Tuesday, 29 December 2015

!st Test - General thoughts

Here are some overall thoughts, which, may or may not, be relevent.

The S.African team 'color' quota, gives the selectors many headaches. I wouldnt play, Duminy or Bavuma. Van Zyl is being played in the wrong spot, because, of selection issues.

Many S.African players, have mental scaring, from India. Elgar, looked much better. Du Plessis, gets one last chance, or is dropped for Van Zyl.

ABd is pure class. Steyn  got the key wkts on Day 1, and Eng would have scored 50-100 more, if he hadnt played. Morkel bowled v good, Piedt got a 5 for, and seems better than Tahir.

The pitch was 6-8 mph slower than usual. Which didnt help SA bowlers .. but, also didnt really help Eng.

S.Africa fielded poorly, Amla is not a captain .. he is anonymous on the field, and has poor form to contend with, let alone all the media, that he is not a natural for.

Eng played v well, and look on the up. With Anderson back, probably for Woakes, I would be happy to back them.

My S.African team for CT would be :

De Cock
Du Plessis

But, that doesnt fit the quota .. so, wont happen.

Betting markets loved S.Africa, for most of Days 1 -3, then, sorta woke up.

I hope they love them again in CT .. for me, they are a maximum punish (at wrong odds).

Thx for all the postive feedback on twitter and her. Its nice, but, as a v wise old bookie once
told me, 'There no praise like that u can put in your back pocket'.

Its true .. manage your own positions, and pay your own bills. Nothing else matters.

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