Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Cricket and other thoughts

So, the finals of the domestic T20 in South Africa, went exactly as predicted in the previous post, making me .. something like, 28-3 for the tourny, when I had a bet.

Thats a pretty good strike rate .. and highlights the benefits of watching specific players, in specific competitions.

Over confidence can be a v detrimental trait in gamblers, thou, it also sometimes, has its uses .. I am wary, my good run cannot last, but, its been a v decent trot.

I am currently reading a very interesting book, called Trading Bases, which, is just about, one of the best gambling 'model' books, I have ever read.

Its all about a former Wall Street trader, who, got hit by an ambulance, lost his trading job, and to cure the boredom from being stuck in a chair, modelled baseball, with the intention of placing bets, on his model.

I cant recommend it enough .. it has many insights.

Some points he makes, re both the Financial markets/Las vegas/Sports betting/Betting to a bank-roll, are all spot-on.

I am not sure if he started a fund etc .. but, would be willing to commit some money to it, if he did.

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