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1st Test - S.Africa v England - Durban - Day 2 Trading

Its not much fun, when u compose posts, and the app u are using finds a way to either lose them or garble them so badly, they are unreadable.

That happened too many times yesterday, and ... alrhou I badly needed sleep last night, spent a few hrs, looking for an alternative solution. I sorta found one, but, it is limited .. in that I cant post pictures .. thou, I can obviously add them after play, at a laptop.  (May have found a way to post some pics .. amazing what u learn, when in need)

So, this is an interim solution. Sorry if it looks bad.

Play starts early today, trying to make up, the 25 overs lost from Day 1.

The weather forecast for the rest of the test is good, and thou it does get gloomy after Tea, am hopeful the overs can be made up.

Eng finished on 179-4, after being inserted on a tricky pitch. The run lines have England making about 340 .. which suggests there will be regular wkts.

Overnight, the prices haven't moved too much :

S.Africa 2.6

England 4.1

Draw 2.7

My current book .

S.Africa -£3400

England +£24000

Draw -£12000

Equity +£100

This is a super volatile position, but, apart from wanting to lay more draw, am happy with it.

I should be able to update the blog during breaks.


Sun burning off all the cloud - shud be a batting day. May try and lay S.Africa early, after maybe 5 overs, if no wkt.

Will be interesting to see how the mkt views a decent start by Eng .. the draw may shorten.

Stokes plays an aggressive shot, and puts one in the air. You can argue its a poor shot, but, its the way he gets on with it.

Eng 196-5

S.Africa 2.14

England 4.5

Draw 3.1

Mkt loves S.Afr

Trade --.. laid 3100/3000 .. new ball due in 8 overs, but, think price wrong.

Drinks Eng 232-5

S.Africa 2.56

England  3.75

Draw 2.82

Trade -- Lay 5500/2000 Eng to take some profit/reduce book exposure


Wkt --Compton goes - Eng 247-6

SA 2.32

Eng 4.1

Draw 3

will updates positions at lunch


SA 1.87

Eng 4.6

Draw 3.7


SA 1.66

Eng 5.5

Draw 4.4

Good last stand by Broad and Finn .. Eng finish just over 300, slightly higher than avg 1st inngs score.

At the inngs change,

S.Africa 1.73

England  4.6

Draw 4.7

S.Africa -£4700

England £21600

Draw -£12000

Equity -£250

At one stage, equity was positive, for over a grand .. so, maybe shuda cuda.

England blow during change to 5.7,, which the mkt has just lived all game, in to 1.61. This was just crazy .. in hindsight, these were just mistakes, and should have been punished.

Run line for about 380.

This is not a typical test for durban, and am a bit confused. cant bail on eng at this price, would rather back it.

Will sit tight, and cross fingers/ do my money.

Lunch still going on, and prices bouning from a low on SA of 1.6 to 1.75 now.
Eng now 4.3 .. fuck all has happened.

SA 1.77

Eng 4.3

Draw 4.8

Wkt   --  Van Zyl leaves one, and SA 0-1

SA 1.98

Eng 3.2

Draw 5

Trade - Lay 4400/2000 Eng

Wkt -- Amla goes, SA 14-2

Commentators say SA in all sorts of trouble, but, mkt still sees them as favs.

SA 2.2

Eng 2.78

Draw 5.4

Trade - Back SA 2400/2000

SA 22-2

Trade - lay Eng 4300/2000

Drinks - equity in book over 2k, but not cashing in

Devilliers given not out, by 3rd umpire .. big swing in equity for book, but, v hard for 3rd upire to give.

Tea S.Africa 55-2

S.Africa 1.82

England 4.2

Draw 4:5


S.Africa -£300

England +£15200

draw -£12000

Equity £550

Wkt -- Broad finally gets ABd .. now 8 from 11, times he has taken his wkt.

SA 103-3

SA 1.94

Eng 3.45

Draw 5

Drinks .. equity back to 1700 .. think Eng big price, and u have to lay S.Africa

Trade - Lay 4000/4000 SA

Wkt -- Du Plessis - 113-4

SA 2.26

Eng 2.4

Draw 6.6

Trade  -- Lay 5000/3500 Eng .. just to lock in profit ...


SA 137-4 .. 166 behind .. in 152 overs, which I dont really understand .. should be 180 overs in 2 days, so, we are still down 28 overs .. Early start tomorrow, but still .. why not play on tonite ?

SA 2.2

Eng 2.84

Draw 5.0

My Book :

S.Africa -£800

England +£14200

Draw -£12000

Equity -- +£2200

So, can book decent profits, but, not sure I want to ... will think about it.

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