Saturday, 26 December 2015

1st Test - S.Africa v England - Durban - Day 1 Trading

So, here is my book from last night :

S.Africa  -£5400

Eng +£11000

Draw -£300

Current prices on Eve of test

S.Africa 2.32

Eng 3.65

Draw 3.3

Current Equity + £640

During the night, Draw eased to 3.5, but morning drizzle/rain, looks like affecting the start.

S.Africa 2.30

Eng 4.0

Draw 3.15

Think they will get a deal of play in, and it's a massive toss to win.

Against draw, for max.

Cant quite understand how a pitch that has given 8 results, in the last 8 games, has the draw this low :

Toss pushed back 30 mins.

Have v lopsided book ..

Eng win Crown Jewels, S.Africa lose small, Draw lose a fortune.

S.Africa 2.16

Eng 3.75

Draw 3.65

S.Africa win the toss and field.

S.Africa 2.08

Eng 3.75

Draw 3.9

Still with England .. Brightening up, nope ball doesn't swing too much.

Mkt aggressively against SA early, pushing them to 2.38 .. Then cook edges one.

SA 1.86

Eng 4.2

Draw 4.3

Ball doing plenty .. At least for Steyn.


IPad keeps dropping posts - which is giving me mega-tilt.

Early lunch taken, after lightening, then rain.

Eng 12-1 

S.Africa 2.1

Eng 5.1

Draw 3.0

Still against draw ..

Eng 55-3 when more light drizzle stops play. Getting a little dark at times, so, u wonder how bad light Will impact the game.

This piece of crap iPad app driving me crazy .. Have basically same position, going for England, and against draw. S.Africa lose a little bit more than before .. I think 1.6 short enuf.

// Tea -Eng 121-3 ..

S.Africa 2.2

England 4

Draw 3.35

Same book, and would back end more, if I wasn't in balls deep.

Became impossible to update this, via Ipad, and I wont even try for the next 4 days.

My book was good, then not so good, and is now v v average, with all the value gone, as the draw has crashed to below levels I think reasonable.

At COP ..Eng 179-4 .. from a v tedious 65 overs. Play starts early tomorrow, and weather looks ok. Pitch may speed up.

S.Africa 2.6

England 4.1

Draw 2.64

Currently, have a nothing book, with v little equity. Am determined to win on England, and have both the Draw and S.Africa as losers .. the Draw. for the biggest liability.

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