Friday, 3 May 2013

YB40 - Essex v Hampshire

1st game of the new season :

Traded / matched figs on Betfair ..

30 mins before the start ..£ 3k

Hampshire probably win the toss, (am not really watching), but have shorted from 1.85 to 1.76

5 mins to go .. £12k traded .. this is poor ..

Hampshire did win the toss, and elected to field.

9 overs in, Essex 39-0 .. 1.88 .. £26k traded .. which, is eye-wateringly low.

For a game on sky etc .. IPL major draw .. market-makers/seeders required, but, they have no reason for doing so, so, dont.

Essex scored a decentish, 244 .. on a high-scoring, small ground, and Carbury/Vince, just toy with the the opposition, to get Hampshire home, with 10 overs to spare. Huge win for Hampshire.

Total matched, £1m.


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