Tuesday, 28 May 2013

2nd Test - England v N.Zealand - Headingley - Day 5

Well, this should be fun.

After, what some would say, an ill-conceived refusal of enforcing the follow-on, England are left needing 4 wkts ..

The only problem, is that rain washed out all play on Day 1, and, looks likely to hugely interrupt play on Day 5.

Weather watchers have had the market all over the place.

At COP on day 4, they had it ... And the market, was bouncing around ..

Eng 2.02
N.Zealand 1000
Draw 1.98

A massive move, early evening, saw :

Eng 1.53
N.Zealand 1000
Draw 2.88

This move, was based on a perceived window, from about 1.30 to 4.00pm, when it was thought, enough time would be available, to clean-up/play/get 4 wkts.

This move, was for v substantial sums .. But,they looked foolish, when morning forecasts were a good deal bleaker.

5.30 am .. They had it. ..

Eng 1.84
N.Zealand 1000
Draw 2.24

I had to back the draw at this price .. Ad was well rewarded, as 3 hrs later ..

Eng 2.40
N.Zealand 1000
Draw 1.7. .. I even laid some 1.60 ..

9.30am, and it currently sits

Eng 1.92
N.Zealand 1000
Draw 2.10

As you can see, it's a very volatile market, and one likely to be that way, for most of the day, as people second guess the state of the outfield/time to get the pitch fit for play/break in the clouds ..

It's free to go in, so, am on the rattler ..


Intended to update this in real-time, but, as ever, got wet/busy, so, will have to do it retro ..

On the rattler back, and it was .. as expected .. a very volatile mkt, with professional money, coming for England, at times, when rain/drizzle seemed likely to scupper them.

In the end, they got way with it .. but not before Mr Draw went odds on, and in the end, final - terminal rain, may have been only 30 mins away.

The internet weather sites, only show generalised forecasts, and is not tailored to the needs of sports bettors, who want depth of rain/bad light, for an exceptionally localised region/time.

I wouldn't blame them .. and even more expensive mechanisms, still need a pair of eyes on the ground, to confirm what weather maps say .. I have often been at games, where sites say it should be raining, but, its so, fine, it doesn't register, and vice versa.

Interesting, that playing conditions seem to have changed. NZ restarted batting, with light drizzle .. and played on, thru it. In olden times, a scent of a drop, would have had them scurrying. Bad light, also, wasn't considered .. or maybe it was, and discarded .. one never really knows.

Anyway, got wet, and had fun .. which is the main thing.

Won a few quid.

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