Monday, 13 May 2013

Family Fun day, at Worcester ..

Was no fun ...

So, to set the scene ..

Have just spent the last 36 hours, on the road, or at Ascot, for a small profit, and now have to go and work at Worcester race-course.

The kit is different, so, obviously, we forget 2 vital screws, and we are on the back-foot.

Its raining (Cricket at Worcester, was reduced to a 16 over game), and people are few and far between.

Eventually create a work-around for the 2 missing screws .. , and we are working, trying to drum up business, from the reasonable crowd.

This was hard work .. the punters in the midlands are v price sensitive, so, in a competitive ring, u get v few mug bets.

All day, business was pathetic, taking maybe £300 a race, for the first 7 races, of the 8 race card.

Results were mixed, so, were just losing going into the last race.

We put up the prices for the last, and 1st bet we lay, is a 40/1 chance, £50 e-w.

This was solidly supported to 14/1 .. we laid a bet of £100 at 14/1, just before the off, and its a loser for us, of about £2k.

Its a active betting race, and also just before the off, we lay £200-e.w, to the owner of a 9/1 chance.

For the first time, we are holding over a £1000 in field money, but even thou the race was over 2 miles, we knew our fate a long way out, as they finished 1-2.

Its a right kick in the bollox, to lose £2k, on the last, and make it a losing week, even before expenses.

Bookmaking, is really hard - and it wasnt an especially fun drive home.

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